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3/11針對整新機的問題詢問Cochlear Jasmine, 今日Jasmine也給了回應。根據Jasmine回覆如下

“In terms of your concerned, our replacement sound processor will be a refurbish sound processor just like an “i  phone”. We call it “整新品” in Chinese。原文可能電腦打字筆誤,replacement sound processor 打成 replacement sound price。這段大意就是提供的整新機就像 iPhone給的保固一樣,會提供整理過的處理器。



“Dear Jasmine,

To make sure, when you said “replacement sound price” it should be “replacement sound processor” right ?

OK, I got the definition about the “整新品”.
When I started to post the article about the N5 extended warranty contract, these serious posts attract lots of hearingloss children’s parent’s attention. And a lot them start to contribute their feedback on facebook group. 
I am handing on collection the feedback now. But urgent issues are
1. Why your agent in Taiwan (clinico) ask parents to pay register fee, which is NT8,500 around USD 270. Is this a mandatory requirement by Cochlear ? 
2. If parents want to avoid this NT 8,500, we must buy the warranty before end of March. But I just contacted with you andFrank from Clinico. From the phone conversion, Frank promised that Clinico will rewrite the contract. It will show much clearly under what kind of circumstance, is out of the warranty. But today is March 12, how come we could make the decision in a short time to buy or not to buy ?
Could you please help Taiwan parents to negotiate with Clinico to give us more time ?
3. We know this is first time to have N5 extended warranty contract in Taiwan, and this is one year contract. What if we purchase this contract, and unfortunately it is out of function in the first half year, and Cochlear provides a refurbish sound processor. Then this replaced one will have the left half year warranty only or another one full year after receiving the replaced one ?
4. Until now, a lot of parents don’t know the clear repair cost if any of the parts malfunctions. 
Is that possible Cochlear could provide us a detail parts replacement cost (cost of each part of bill of material of the N5) or a repair parts list ? Why we request this is for parents to know pros and cons in order to make the decision to join or not join the extended warranty.
5. We’ve heard a rumor that if parents not join the extended warranty, once the processor malfunctions, Clinico is not allowed to open the case and check the processor. Must ship back to Australia (this part we understand). 
And parents need to pay air shipping cost back and force, which will be charged NT 20,000 , is that right ? I am in the international business field, need to ship a lot of samples to all over the world. But NT 20,000 for air express is really really too too expensive. Or could you give us a brief explanation about the repair flow and cost if not join the extended warranty, once the professor is not working, what we should do and the estimated cost in advanced. 
That’s the short brainstorming so far from Taiwan parents, will keep you update later.
looking forward to hearing from you.
Luke ” 
1. 收8,500台幣註冊費是原廠規定的嗎?
2. 能否請原廠幫忙與科林助聽器公司協商,原本只到2015三月底前(剩不到19天)可以減免此費用的優惠,多延後幾個月,讓家長有時間考慮。
3. 若加入延長保固的這一年,半年後,處理器故障,更換”整新機” 後,保固是只有剩下的半年保固,或是收到整新機開始多一年?
4. 很多家長其實並不知道更換處理器零件的費用與清單 (bill of material,謝謝智偉爸爸提醒),能否請原廠幫忙提供可能需要維修的清單與費用。如此,能讓家長,更清楚知道加入延長保固與不清楚的好處與壞處。
5. 有一些傳聞說若沒有加入延長保固,處理器換掉的話,科林公司是不被允許拆開檢查與維修,一定要寄回澳洲原廠(這可以理解)。但來回空運寄送的費用需要台幣兩萬?能否簡單說明若沒有加入延長保固,處理器不幸故障時的維修程序與可能發生的費用嗎?